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Here’s how Shopify can enhance your online shopping cart

Here’s how Shopify can enhance your online shopping cart

Used by hundreds of thousands of stores worldwide, Shopify is a popular name within the world of eCommerce. Bearing in mind the platform’s extensive customisation capabilities and diversity when it comes to enabling various payment options, this isn’t too surprising. In this blog post, we delve deeper into why Shopify is a handy addition to your eCommerce brand.


No two online stores should be identical. How you portray your brand will speak volumes about your messaging and what you bring to the table, which is where Shopify comes in handy. The software’s name generator tool allows those who are still unsure about what to call themselves to come up with just that, in addition to choosing a fitting web domain and creating a logo which matches your values.

Of course, the presentation of your site is just as important. Shopify also has a sizeable base of free, high-quality images which helps merchants to save money on photo licences. Brands also have a range of themes to choose from, meaning that potential customers will have a clear idea about what you sell straight away.

Sales and marketing features

Another Shopify benefit is how the software allows merchants to sell their products across multiple platforms with ease. Each theme is optimised for both desktop and mobile, meaning that user experience (UX) is consistent no matter which type of device they’re browsing from. Payment types from multiple sources can also be accepted, so both online and high street shoppers can pay in whichever way they find convenient.

How you advertise will have a big impact on the scale of your brand awareness. In addition to a range of search engine optimisation (SEO) and automation tools, the Shopify platform also provides merchants with campaign insights to measure the success of each one. Through the software’s campaign creation tools, developing ads for Google and Facebook can be done in a single interface. Thus, it’s easier for merchants to keep everything in one place and streamline both their workload and resource requirements.


Shopify is one of the most-used eCommerce solutions in the world. At present, there are around 800,000 active stores on the platform. Altogether, over $100 billion in revenue has been processed using its features too.

Source : emerchantpay.com

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