Products you should consider while selling on International Online Marketplaces from India.

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Most merchants, would aspire to sell their goods on international markets. But they must have the skin in the game to prosper in the global markets. Global markets opens up huge market for any merchant, but comes with its own set of threads. Thus any seller must understand the Demand Dynamics of the products for the targeted markets.

Also international markets are volatile in nature. There are several external factors that one need to consider before trying to sell internationally. Once you have evaluated all possible risks and gained substantial information about the market, you need to decide on the Product or Category that you would like to sell in that market.

In this article, we will discuss which are the fast moving online product categories that is performing well on international eCommerce from India.

They say " A good marketer can sell refrigerator to an Eskimo". Yes, you heard it right. Also any product that you have could be sold as long as there is some value that your product gives to the buyer. Thus it is important to understand the Sales Channels as your products might not sell through all online channels but could sell through few. Hence it is must to apply a Multi Channel eCommerce approach while selling your products international especially when you try to promote and sell through eCommerce.

Also in international online sales, logistics plays a crucial role. Sometimes the cost of logistics is more than the Selling price of your product. So, you need to think of a product that could be transported easily at a feasible cost from origin to destination. Apart from you need to keep a view on the regulations if any for your product in that particular country. Will it go through a scrutiny in Customs or there will be no hassles at all.

Thus, your international online product sales should be backed primarily with these three factors:

  1. Multi channel online sales channels.

  2. Logistics and Supply Chain.

  3. Market Research in understanding the demand of your products.

Once you have amalgamated all the above 3 points, you are good to go with your Product building strategy. Or you may consider selling your own product if it matches the above 3 considerations.

Usually these are a few categories of products that does well from India especially in Online Sales :

  1. Jewellery (Fashion, Artificial, Gemstones, Rustic, Wood, Accessories etc)

  2. Apparel (Mostly Indian ethnic fashion wear, Sarees etc)

  3. Health & Beauty ( Organic, Herbal, Ayurvedic)

  4. Handicrafts & Home Decor (Handcrafted products, Small Brass or bronze statues, Brass / Silver Pooja items, Trendy Cutlery and small Artefacts, handmade home decor items etc)

  5. Home Furnishings ( Cushion covers, pillow covers, bed sheets, curtains, small rugs and carpets etc)

  6. Small business and industrial goods ( surgical items, vehicle spare parts, small drill machines etc)

  7. Finished Leather goods (leather jackets, boots, gloves, bags etc)

  8. Quirky Fashion Accessories

  9. Luxury items ( Pashminas, Cashmere wool finished products, Silk finish items etc)

  10. Beauty accessories (Brushes, eye liners etc)

Let us also understand what products does not do well on International markets from India also :

  1. Electronic Items

  2. Mobile Phones

  3. Mobile Accessories

  4. Western wear fashion

  5. Toys and Gifts

  6. Furniture

  7. Kitchen and Utensils

  8. Health Supplements

  9. Packaged Food items

  10. Large decor items

  11. Fine Jewellery

  12. OTC and other medicinal products

  13. Fashion Accessories ( Sunglasses, Watches etc)

You have to understand Cross Border eCommerce from India is very new and the ecosystem is getting better and better. India contributes less than 1% of global online sales, whereas China contributes 60%. The products that do not sell well now shows that there is an Opportunity in selling these products in future if we do the right things.

Also the products that does well are mostly sold through International Online Marketplaces. However, you may also reach your audience through building your own eCommerce website and do the necessary marketing to promote it. Also, Social Media channels is a great place to engage with your customers and eventually you can convert your engaged viewers.

Irrespective of the fact what does well and what doesn't, you have to start somewhere. Rome was not built on a day. You are not competing with local vendors any more in Online retail export, you need to compete with entire world. So you need to be proactive about your International eCommerce business all the time. If you need deep consulting you may reach out to experts in the market and take their help to set up your international online selling game.

I wish you all the success and share your online growth story with us. We will be happy to hear that. Also if you have any queries, leave your message below and I will try to assist you with the necessary answers.

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