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India is ranked 16th position in Exports all over the world with its 1.87% contribution. Whereas China is on top withers 12.3% contribution in world export.

However during 1800s India was the highest contributor for exports worldwide. There had been innumerable reasons for this decline. The one major factor was lack of innovation and risk appetite of Indians in the recent past with a baggage of socialist economy hindered the growth. 

But we have bounced back with globalisation during the early 90s along with major important reforms in export sector in the last 3-5 years which has given us the hope back in claiming our old position in Global Exports.  

Advantages : 

  • Export in Large Quantities/Bulk

  • Export via Sea/Air through Consignment

  • Less number of Orders

  • High Volume

  • Higher Top Line

  • With Time and Experience Stronger Bottom Line

  • Per Unit Logistics Cost is less

  • Better Margins

  • Long term Relationship

  • Chances of Repeat Business

  • Better Government Incentive Schemes

  • Better Tax Utilisation


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Comprehensive B2B Exports Training Program

1. Introducing Exports.
2. Starting Export, Import.
3. Availing incentives from Government in Exports.
4. Commercial Regulatory documents in Foreign Trade.
5. Promoting Exports through WTO compliant Foreign Trade Policy.
6. How to imply Non- tariff barriers for exports.
7. RTA markets and available business opportunities.
8. How to identify Market for Exports / Imports.
9. How to identify Products suitable for Exports.
10. Developing INTERCOMS in sales contract.
11. Giving IPR ( Intellectual Property Rights ) protection to your products.
12. How to brand your products to exports?
13. How to reduce export rejections for your products? 
14. How to organise trade logistics and optimise Supply Chain?
15. Letter of credit and implications of UCP-600.
16. Management of International payment- understanding valuation of foreign currencies.
17. Financing for international trade transactions.
18. Currency risk management in international trade (Part-1).
19. Export Finance Bank Schemes-Cost Reduction Approach. 
20. How to do more export business with less money.
21. Creation an effective sales contract.
22. Importance of Custom Clearance and Best Practices.
23. Duty drawback & claim procedure.
24. Checking creditability of buyers and handing payments defaults: ECGC cover.
25. Panel Discussion.