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India Contributes 0.8% of a $600 Billion Global Cross Border Ecommerce Market. Thus this is an enormous target segment that Exporters can focus to expand their international business portfolio. Annually there are 5 Billion cross border eCommerce shipments takes place. Its time that a merchant needs to think Global.

    Advantages Of Cross Border E-commerce : 

  • New Channel of Sales.

  • Direct to Customer, Eliminate Middle channels.

  • New Territories, Access to Locked Countries.

  • Better Bargain Power with Local Distributors for B2B export.

  • Private Label Opportunities.

  • Establish your own international brand.

  • Low Risk and Low Investment to Start with.

  • Lead time to get Orders is less compared to Traditional Exports.

  • Payments are immediate compared to long credit period and waiting time in traditional exports.

  • No GST in Exports.

  • Special Incentives from Government for doing Exports.

Why Cross Border Ecommerce?



  • Ability to Manufacture wide variety of products.

  • Ability to Source good Quality of products or goods.

  • Lower CAPEX/OPEX

  • Low Manpower Cost

  • Unique Design Capability that cannot be replicated easily by other countries

  • Good B2B presence worldwide

  • Emerging Market

  • Support of Government in promoting exports.

  • Incentive schemes by government for exports.


  • Large Markets World wide. Enable your reach across 7 continents. 

  • Identify Red and Blue Ocean Markets.

  • Utilize multiple incentive programs for exports by Government of India.

  • New Channels of Sales.

  • Expand your reach to 50+ Countries.

  • Very low cost model.

  • Get payments immediately in home currency.

  • All Pre Paid Order, No COD. Thus returns are less.

  • Global Brand Identity.


  • Limited Knowledge about Online Exports

  • Limited Knowledge on Payments Facilitation

  • Limited Knowledge on Logistics and Supply Chain

  • Limited Knowledge on Locked Markets

  • Limited Knowledge on Multiple International Online Marketplaces

  • Limited Knowledge on Creating own Webstore 

  • Limited Knowledge on Digital Marketing

  • Limited Availability of Human Resource with deep understanding of Cross Border Ecommerce.


  • Stringent local laws for domestic Ecommerce.

  • Consolidation of domestic E-commerce Marketplaces.

  • Very High Returns.

  • Lesser Online Channels.

  • Buyer risk appetite is low in buying directly through own web stores.

  • Entry of International Sellers makes the competition very high through limited online channels.

  • Infringement / Fake product issues.

Sneak Peek on some interesting insights about Cross Border eCommerce

  • CBE is expected to cross $600 billion by the year 2022.

  • CBE in China alone is $60 Billion plus according to Bloomberg.

  • Half of French buyers buy from Cross Border eCommerce Sellers.

  • More than 30% of US buyers buys both domestic and Cross Border.

  • Amazon predicts  eCommerce export of $1 Billion from India by 2021.

  • Ebay is still the most important online channel from India for CBE.

  • Middle East and SEA are the most emerging markets for Indian Sellers in eCommerce exports.

  • Shopify and Social Media Channels are also dominant Channels for creating more visibility and engagement with buyers.

  • Social Commerce is a more engaging channel for peer to peer eCommerce.

  • India Contributes 0.8% in Global CBE volume.

  • India Post does 60% of CBE delivery from India.

Market Expansion

Reduce OPEX Cost

Increase Revenue

Business Intelligence

eCommerce Strategic Consulting

eCommerce End-to-End Service || Bespoke Solutions.

Understand 4 Ps ( product, price, place, promotion) || Market Research || Create Go To Market Strategy.

Create Assortment based upon the research - Product, Pricing, Content, Images

Identify and Curate Operational Challenges.Build Project Map. Optimise Oprational Process Flow. Match Business Intellicence with Operational deliverable.

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Create Marketing Plan, build Promotional Strategics. Identify key indicators. Build a brand story, identify ROI. Forecasting and Predictive Sales Analysis. Map Strategy with actionable items. Execute.

How EximScouts Help Brands Grow eCommerce Export Business

For Brands Going eCommerce First Time.

End to End eCommerce Management and Growth Plans. 

For eCommerce Brands Already Selling Online

BeSpoke Solutions customised toward Growth and Scalability of Online Business.


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